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Monday, December 14, 2015

Conformity Among States and Nations

Pictured second from the left, Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, welcomes Syrian refugees and hands out winter coats.

Over the past months, many questions have been raised about Syrian refugees entering other counties after many reports have found that terrorists have entered their target countries disguised as refugees. Such questions and fear that has been raised with them has led to even tighter restrictions on who can enter the US as a "refugee". For example, in addition to U.N. background checks; U.S. background checks; multiple interviews; and a special vetting process for Syrian refugees, congress recently passed a bill that requires every single refugee to enter the U.S. to have the signatures of the Secretary of Homeland Security, FBI Director, and National Intelligence Director. Not only has congress made it nearly impossible for anybody fleeing their home country to find asylum in the U.S., but state governors have also made their beliefs quite public. Many of the state governors have made the promise that they will not allow any refugee into their state, a power they do not have. Donald Trump has also tagged along in this trend stating that he will ban all Muslims from entering the U.S., if he is to be president.

Amid all of these shocking comments and new regulation, our neighbors to the North have something else to say. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau refuses to conform to what many other politicians say, "Is the only way to be safe". This past Friday, Trudeau welcomed a plane load of Syrian Refugees into Canada, saying, "You're safe at home now,"while many Americans are running to their local gun stores, Canada is giving these people a home. Trudeau further says, "Tonight they step off this plane as refugees, but they walk out of this terminal as permanent residents of Canada," according to the New York Times.

As we have seen also seen this weekend, conformity can do great things, it can bring broken nations together, it can also lead to the first, all nations included, U.N. climate resolution. Yet, at the same time, nonconformity can show the true light of the good-hearted.

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  1. Paul, Nice job blogging this term, overall, This post is interesting on several levels. I like the pix and the contrast you offer between Mr. Trudeau and other world leaders. Why not quote from U.S. leaders as contrast? Link to NYT article you mention. These changes would increase chance of dialogue with your readers.