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Sunday, December 13, 2015

Lynwood Police Shooting

This morning, at around 11:00 A.M. Pacific time, Lynwood Police shot a supposedly armed black man, outside of a gas station. Protesters already have begun marching and demanding a third party investigation of the incident, as well as a review by the Department of Justice. Nowadays, people are very quick to protest or really make any sort of noise to try and taint the image of the police. Now, the people's anger in not unfounded, police brutality and bias has been proven over and over again, however they now seem to be quick to make judgement. 

The police claimed that the man was armed and was being reckless with his gun in public, even discharging it earlier in the day. For the first time in a while, for a police shooting that has made national news, the police are able back up their claims with video and eyewitness'. A phone call to the police earlier that day said that this same man was firing his weapon reckless in public, and when the police arrived on the scene he was waving it around with many bystanders near him. Yet, many people still came out today waving their signs and screaming through a megaphone, protesting the incident. Seemingly without even looking at the footage, or the provided evidence. While I can understand anger over recent police shootings, I think you should probably look at the evidence before making your claim.

The L.A. Times provide two different video sources of the incident in their article, here.

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  1. Great point about how it is important to still respect our officers. A small minority of officers are violent, bad people, and it is important that we still respect the people who usually try to keep us out of harm's way.